ImagoMichigan is an association of licensed mental health professionals.  Our organizational name is Imago Relationship Therapists of Michigan (IRTM), but we often just refer to ourselves as ImagoMichigan.

Our certified Imago therapists have the training and skills to help couples, individuals and families reconnect.  We provide couples’ therapy, individual therapy, and family therapy.  We have certified workshop presenters who offer workshops for couples, individuals, and parents.

We are trained to facilitate new ways of being in a relationship with a partner, children, or even work colleagues.  We are non-discriminatory and welcome people regardless of race, religion, gender or sexual orientation.

ImagoMichigan is affiliated with Imago Relationships International (IRI), a nonprofit organization.  More than 2000 therapists practice Imago therapy in 37 countries.

ImagoMichigan offers:

  • Listing of Certified Imago Therapists.
    All Imago therapists have credentials in their own professions and are trained and certified by Imago Relationships International to provide Imago therapy.
  • Listing of Workshop Presenters
    All workshop presenters have advanced training and are certified by IRI to present weekend workshops for:

    • Couples
    • Individuals
    • Pre-martial couples
    • Parents
  • Speakers for educational presentations for your church, temple, school, club, library, etc.

If you don’t find what you are looking for or have questions, contact Carole Kirby, LMSW, at (734) 424-2797 or email Carole at

Professional Development

ImagoMichigan offers mental-health professionals:
  • Information about Michigan-based training for certification in Imago relationship therapy
ImagoMichigan offers its own members:
  • Supervision and consultation
  • Peer supervision and collegiality
  • Clinical presentations by advanced IRTM members
  • Advanced clinical training workshops by Imago faculty

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