Feeling deeply committed and connected to someone you love is a treasured human experiences.  But that experience of deep connection often slips away, replaced by frustration, disagreement and longing for more intimacy.  When intimate relationships get tough, it can be hard to listen and impossible to feel heard.  You may even begin to wonder if you have chosen the wrong partner.

If this is your experience, we hope you will seek Imago relationship therapy.  Imago therapy is a unique and powerful therapeutic process that is highly effective in resolving conflict, deepening understanding and restoring connection.

Imago Relationship Therapists of Michigan (IRTM) is a non-profit, professional association of Imago therapists in Southeastern Michigan. The goal of our website is to provide information about Imago relationship therapy, to assist you in finding a certified Imago therapist or weekend workshop, and to inform you of training opportunities for mental health professionals.

Imago therapy is for couples, individuals, parents and entire families. We welcome heterosexual and gay and lesbian couples, whether married or in a committed relationship. All services are offered by experienced mental health professionals who have been certified by Imago Relationships International (IRI).

Our hope is that the information in this website will make it easier for you to seek counseling sooner, rather than later.

Imago therapy is for:

Couples who:
  • are experiencing difficulties and want to resolve conflicts
  • want to enrich their relationship
  • are just beginning a relationship or anticipating marriage
  • are considering divorce, but want to see if they can work things out
  • want to co-parent successfully in the context of a separation or divorce
Individuals who want to:
  • understand why past relationships didn’t work
  • heal hurts and frustrations from past relationships
  • understand current relationship difficulties
  • break destructive patterns of relating
  • create satisfying and fulfilling relationships
Parents who want to:
  • bridge the communication gap with their children
  • understand the sources of their own frustration with their children
  • learn more effective ways to resolve conflict with their children
  • strengthen the parent-child connection

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