Financial Assistance Program

Provides financial support for individuals or couples with financial needs who wish to participate in Imago workshops, trainings, certificate programs, or conferences. The fund is not able to fund therapy for clients at this time. To apply, please submit a brief paragraph to Carla Hines or Gillian Dixon about the activity for which you would like support, how this activity fits into your personal or professional trajectory, and your desired amount of financial assistance. Award amounts can range from $200 - $1,000.

The Dr. Lavinia Ekong Fellowship

Dr. Lavinia Ekong
Learn about Dr. Lavinia Ekong:
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Identifies and supports future IRTM professionals and leaders who will increase the diversity of our community and aid with outreach to communities underserved by IRTM. Awards may focus on introductory trainings for new Imago practitioners or on advancing the careers of experienced practitioners. Fellows receive financial support for Imago workshops, trainings, certificate programs, or conferences. And, unlike the Financial Assistance Program, the Fellowship is intended to provide additional career development opportunities through networking within the IRTM community. Fellows will be assigned an Imago mentor for the duration of their Fellowship, and in exchange will be provided opportunities to share their work with our IRTM community (i.e. an invitation to give a 20-minute presentation at an IRTM Fall Gathering, Annual Meeting, or IRTM lunchtime speaker series; an invitation to publish an article, blogpost, audiocast, etc. on our IRTM website; etc.). To apply, please send your résumé and a brief narrative (100-300 words) to Carla Hines or Gillian Dixon outlining the training or workshop you wish to attend, why this training or workshop is meaningful for you, and how this will further your career and support your community. If you have financial needs, please also include your desired amount of financial assistance. Fellowship amounts can range from $200-$1000.

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