The Best Relationship Advice to Stay Connected During the Holidays: 7 Expert Tips For Couples

As a therapist, people often ask me if I can share relationship advice about what it takes to have a healthy marriage or a healthy relationship. So, I began thinking about the best relationship advice for couples of all relationship phases – married couples, long-term couples, newly dating couples, struggling couples, and so on. While all couples are unique, filled with people who have individual needs and wants, it may come down to simply seven essential items for a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

Dr. David Rock and Dr. Daniel Siegel are two of my colleagues who developed a relationship model that outlines seven daily mindfulness exercises they believe are critical in creating well-being and mental health. These seven daily tips will help you live and love more fully with “mental nutrients that your brain and relationship need to function at their best.”

So, what are the seven elements that help create a healthy mind and a healthy relationship? Let’s take a look at David and Daniel’s tips from “The Healthy Mind Platter.”